The Team



Jason truly loves and lives the American V-Twin.  To him it will always be about RIDING the motorcycles.  Making the bikes perform better, go faster, and look cool is his focus.  Jason moved to the Black Hills in 2014 from Charleston, South Carolina.  He owns a '79 FLH, '01 Fatboy (Devo's Bike), a '99 Road King, a '14 Street Glide, and a couple custom Shovelheads.  Jason was the tech editor for American Bagger and Urban Bagger Magazines for over three years.  He is a proud member of the Hamsters USA.



Josh has been riding and wrenching for over twenty years.  He owned Power Factory Custom Cycles for several years, studying under the master Eddie Boomhower (Mr. B).  Jason & Josh are lifelong friends, and it only made sense for him to work with Jason at DCC. The two make a great team, truly able to finish each others' sentences.  Josh owns a couple custom bikes, a Road King, and a hot rod FXR we call "Fast & Ugly".



Long time friend and confidant of Jason, Clay owns his own fabrication company  Mule Fab out of Southern Illinois.  Clay has been shaping and twisting metal for over 10 years.  Not being located in the Black Hills, Clay regularly comes back and puts his  mark on our custom builds with his exceptional metal work.  He is in the process of building his own Custom Rigid Chopper, after selling his Street Glide two years ago.  



Tyler , one of the newest additions to the shop,  was born and raised  in the Black Hills.  He wears many hats, multi-tasking from one task to the next.  Youngest in the shop, Tyler received an Honorable Discharge from the USMC in 2015.  Eager to learn, smart, and determined, Tyler is a strong addition to the team.  After beginning his apprenticeship in January 19', he has begun his ride to a life of turning wrenches.  Tyler is currently working toward a bike, with his eyes on a Dyna in the near future. 



Newest to the shop, Kevin is no stranger to motorcycles.  He has built and ridden motorcycles for 25 years.  He is a metallurgist and mineralogist with a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University.  Kevin was a staff scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for a decade and a consultant for seven years focusing on engineering failure analysis. Kevin has welded since he was 15, and is a Certified Weld Inspector for the American Welding Society. From fabrication to critical thinking, Kevin is a very welcome addition to the Team.  He rides an unwashed Exile Rigid Chopper, he built himself.



Charlie was raised kicking sawdust around the floor of the Saloon No. 10, here in Historic Deadwood.  Charlie handles our T-shirt designs, as well as manages the Monkey Bar located in our shop.  Smart and always smiling, Charlie brings a great attitude as well as a plethora of local business to the shop.  



Raven being native to the Black Hills, brings her own spunky attitude to the shop.  Hard working and tenacious, Raven is surely a family woman.  She splits her time between her Family and Deadwood Custom Cycles.  Raven rides an 83' FXR when she can find the time.  Very organized and quick to task, she is responsible for our showroom and much more.  Running the counter, Raven may be the first face you see walking into our shop.